Friday, June 3, 2011

A Life of Miracles

By Angelic

Not too long ago, the doctor told me I have cysts in my ovaries because of a condition called endometriosis.  She said I had to go through a major operation to have the two cysts removed.  Was I scared?  You bet.  Especially when thoughts of slicing and stitching, intestines sticking out and scissors being left inside the body crept in.  (Sorry for letting out my thoughts).  But I had to trust God that He also uses doctors to heal people. 

Thankfully, I recovered a few months after the surgery.  But then, three years later, some cysts appeared again in my ovaries.  This time, there were already four.  I was disheartened when I learned about it, even if the doctor assured me that no surgery was yet needed.  I still had to be treated with injectible medicines for about three to four months.  That meant having to spend about eight to ten thousand pesos per month. 

Humbly I asked our friends to pray for my healing.  One of them was a priest in his 70s. He may not be an expert in the human anatomy, but he definitely prays wonderfully.  He laid his hands on me with a prayer, “Lord, please heal Angelica of the problem in her stomach.”  If my ovaries could speak, they would have protested.  But before I could even stop myself, I heard myself whisper, “God, it’s the ovaries. Not my stomach”.  Sort of to make sure God would not get confused.

Many friends joined me and my husband in prayers.  Then, this one particular Friday evening, we were at The Feast Manila at the SM Cinema.  During worship, we heard the leader prophesy out loud and clear, “At this very moment, somebody is getting healed of her sickness in the stomach.”  Stomach… then it dawned on me.  I may not fully understand what was happening within me, but I surely felt very peaceful and with a tinge of excitement.  Amazingly, deep inside, I felt he was talking about me.  I smiled. Then I chuckled. God never gets confused… He just knows everything.

Indeed, my next ultrasound showed that all the big cysts were gone. Only one tiny bit left. And the doctor assured me that that is but negligible.  Every month thereafter, I had my ultrasound.  Every time, my doctor reminded me that there were no more big cysts to be worried about. Every time, I thanked God for his healing love.

We love reading or listening to stories of miracles. They give us hope. They renew our faith.  What we sometimes do not realize is that we do not have to be very sick in order to experience miracles. Because miracles happen in both extravagant and subtle ways.  While some miracles come in full grandeur, some come in softer whispers.  Like when you feel God’s peace in the midst of big trials in your life.  Like when you find in your heart to forgive someone who had hurt you badly. Like when you receive an unexpected and most needed help from other people. If we keep an open heart… if we do our part… if we trust God to take control of our lives… we can fill our lives with miracles!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

God of the Sneeze

By Angelic

So I thought it was such a brilliant idea. You see, I was still in my pre-teen years then. When you are a kid and suddenly get an inspiration, the most amazing (though not always sensible) thoughts simply rush in.

I wanted then to be a good girl.  As a kid, I may have been nice and quiet but I could also be, uhm… mischievous.  I remember when I was in kindergarten, I would do anything to be spared of my teacher’s scolding. Whenever I forgot to show my homework to my mom, I just forged her signature on my notebook. Haha.  And when playing with my younger cousins “Touch the Color” (only people of my generation know this game) I would quietly change first into my most colorful outfit so I would have easy access to different colors and get ahead of everyone else. Of course, I always won the game.

Then one day, when I was nine years old, my parents asked me to join a Catholic Community. My little heart was so touched by the teachings that I started praying to God, “God, I’m sorry for not being a very good girl. If I start thinking of doing bad things again, please remind me by making me sneeze”.  It was such a brilliant thought with the purest intentions. I just made Him God of the Sneeze.

Can you imagine what would have happened if God took my prayer seriously? I could have become such a sneezy girl and my mom would have gone crazy wondering why all the cold medicines wouldn’t work for me.  I could have become the object of teasing when my nose would swell from sneezing. I could have become like a female Pinocchio.

I am just so glad God didn’t turn out to be how I thought I wanted Him to. He did not become like a mad police waiting to punish me with a sneeze every time I sin.  Instead, He remained who He truly is - a God of Love, Understanding, and Wisdom.  Oh yes, I still have a whole lot of prayers… even seemingly impossible ones – my dreams, my aspirations.  Some of these, I have been praying for the longest time.  But you see, my thoughts are not His thoughts.  His are far greater, far deeper, more encompassing… and deeply rooted in His love for me.  I know God will answer my prayers, perhaps not always in the way I wanted… but always in His perfect way and in His perfect time.

Relationship Shapes

As what all people say in all relationship, there should be God.

In a circle relationship – Like in your life, God should be in the center. The person should be following the will of God. The actions should be Christ-like. We are not perfect but we strive to be a truly christian person.


And in a triangle relationship – Like courtship, God should be on one side of the triangle and the other 2 sides should be you and your partner. As both of you go closer with each other, both of you should also go closer with God until you become one dot and spend the rest of your life with each other.


 In a Square relationship – Each of the corners of the family should put God in the center of their home. Putting God in the center will allow love to grow strong in the family. No storm or earthquake can shake their relationship that is fortified by God.

In an uneven shape – just like in a community with all walks of life, God should also be included. Just like any relationship, (whether relationship with family, friends, neighbors, relatives, office mates and even enemies) we should let God be the one in-charge. It is like a chain of relationship that results into love, giving, sharing, understanding and forgiveness.


But you know, everything starts with your relationship with God.
So think about it...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


By Angelic,

I love Papa. In my heart I would often dream of a stardust miracle sprinkling and bringing healing in every part of his frail body… then we can bring him home and we will give him a wonderful colorful party. He will eat again, laugh again, sing his favorite song “Stardust” and tell dozens of jokes that never fail to reap smiles from guests…

In January, the doctors told us that Papa’s heart is very weak and seems to be reaching its end. His other organs too are failing now. He could no longer eat and often he just closes his eyes. Only medications and frequent dialysis treatment sustain him.

I remember that once in his life, Papa received a wonderful miracle. It was in 1986 when he had a stroke and his body became paralyzed. In a touching moment of prayer, to his amazement and of many believers who witnessed, he was able to walk straight miraculously and was healed instantaneously. It was a beautiful experience that sparked an inspiration to share God’s glory to others.

I pray that the same miracle would touch Papa once again. But tears just fall almost every time I see him or think of him. But then again, God says, “Give thanks in all circumstances…”

Today I have decided to thank God for each day that Papa spends with us…

… for the times he says “Angelic” (the nickname he calls me) during the few moments that he would recognize me and then tell me that my birthday is nearing

…for the chance given to him to prepare spiritually through a good confession and the sacrament of the anointing

…for his own blissful surreal world where he would forget that he is in the hospital – and he would laugh, believing he was running after colorful bouncing balls, playing with his grandchildren and putting them to sleep, and eating all the delicious food he used to love

…for the cheerful times when he transforms back into a child once more, simply gets amazed at how a television works, and chuckles as he listens to fairytales

…for a good laugh when, after singing “Stardust” beside his bed to make him feel better, he would just say, “Doon ka na lang (sa upuan)”

…for allowing me and the whole family to love and serve him, uniting us in prayer and understanding

…for the grace that God gives our family to surrender to His will and receive overwhelming love from caring relatives and friends

…for the lessons being taught to us on love and the realization that love has to be expressed in every chance we have

Stardust is a song of lovers’ once happy memories… a song with a touch of gratefulness for treasured moments spent together... a song that reminds me to cherish each moment I have with Papa.

I still pray for a healing miracle… a prayer I say with a heart surrendering to the perfect will of God… and believing that He has the perfect answer to my prayer. Please pray with me. Please pray too for our family.