Friday, June 3, 2011

A Life of Miracles

By Angelic

Not too long ago, the doctor told me I have cysts in my ovaries because of a condition called endometriosis.  She said I had to go through a major operation to have the two cysts removed.  Was I scared?  You bet.  Especially when thoughts of slicing and stitching, intestines sticking out and scissors being left inside the body crept in.  (Sorry for letting out my thoughts).  But I had to trust God that He also uses doctors to heal people. 

Thankfully, I recovered a few months after the surgery.  But then, three years later, some cysts appeared again in my ovaries.  This time, there were already four.  I was disheartened when I learned about it, even if the doctor assured me that no surgery was yet needed.  I still had to be treated with injectible medicines for about three to four months.  That meant having to spend about eight to ten thousand pesos per month. 

Humbly I asked our friends to pray for my healing.  One of them was a priest in his 70s. He may not be an expert in the human anatomy, but he definitely prays wonderfully.  He laid his hands on me with a prayer, “Lord, please heal Angelica of the problem in her stomach.”  If my ovaries could speak, they would have protested.  But before I could even stop myself, I heard myself whisper, “God, it’s the ovaries. Not my stomach”.  Sort of to make sure God would not get confused.

Many friends joined me and my husband in prayers.  Then, this one particular Friday evening, we were at The Feast Manila at the SM Cinema.  During worship, we heard the leader prophesy out loud and clear, “At this very moment, somebody is getting healed of her sickness in the stomach.”  Stomach… then it dawned on me.  I may not fully understand what was happening within me, but I surely felt very peaceful and with a tinge of excitement.  Amazingly, deep inside, I felt he was talking about me.  I smiled. Then I chuckled. God never gets confused… He just knows everything.

Indeed, my next ultrasound showed that all the big cysts were gone. Only one tiny bit left. And the doctor assured me that that is but negligible.  Every month thereafter, I had my ultrasound.  Every time, my doctor reminded me that there were no more big cysts to be worried about. Every time, I thanked God for his healing love.

We love reading or listening to stories of miracles. They give us hope. They renew our faith.  What we sometimes do not realize is that we do not have to be very sick in order to experience miracles. Because miracles happen in both extravagant and subtle ways.  While some miracles come in full grandeur, some come in softer whispers.  Like when you feel God’s peace in the midst of big trials in your life.  Like when you find in your heart to forgive someone who had hurt you badly. Like when you receive an unexpected and most needed help from other people. If we keep an open heart… if we do our part… if we trust God to take control of our lives… we can fill our lives with miracles!

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