Thursday, May 19, 2011

God of the Sneeze

By Angelic

So I thought it was such a brilliant idea. You see, I was still in my pre-teen years then. When you are a kid and suddenly get an inspiration, the most amazing (though not always sensible) thoughts simply rush in.

I wanted then to be a good girl.  As a kid, I may have been nice and quiet but I could also be, uhm… mischievous.  I remember when I was in kindergarten, I would do anything to be spared of my teacher’s scolding. Whenever I forgot to show my homework to my mom, I just forged her signature on my notebook. Haha.  And when playing with my younger cousins “Touch the Color” (only people of my generation know this game) I would quietly change first into my most colorful outfit so I would have easy access to different colors and get ahead of everyone else. Of course, I always won the game.

Then one day, when I was nine years old, my parents asked me to join a Catholic Community. My little heart was so touched by the teachings that I started praying to God, “God, I’m sorry for not being a very good girl. If I start thinking of doing bad things again, please remind me by making me sneeze”.  It was such a brilliant thought with the purest intentions. I just made Him God of the Sneeze.

Can you imagine what would have happened if God took my prayer seriously? I could have become such a sneezy girl and my mom would have gone crazy wondering why all the cold medicines wouldn’t work for me.  I could have become the object of teasing when my nose would swell from sneezing. I could have become like a female Pinocchio.

I am just so glad God didn’t turn out to be how I thought I wanted Him to. He did not become like a mad police waiting to punish me with a sneeze every time I sin.  Instead, He remained who He truly is - a God of Love, Understanding, and Wisdom.  Oh yes, I still have a whole lot of prayers… even seemingly impossible ones – my dreams, my aspirations.  Some of these, I have been praying for the longest time.  But you see, my thoughts are not His thoughts.  His are far greater, far deeper, more encompassing… and deeply rooted in His love for me.  I know God will answer my prayers, perhaps not always in the way I wanted… but always in His perfect way and in His perfect time.

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